Why Turku, we do have Paris?

OK, so we are missing an Eiffel tower, but: 

  • The capital of Southwest Finland always embraces the performing arts and its friends in a firm and heartwarm embrace. Even if you dodge, you will inevitably bump into theatre, puppetry, dance, performances and music of various kinds.


  • Perfectly sized and bursting with good food, sights, services and personality, Turku is easy to visit and enjoy. In the historic market hall, you can try and decipher what the locals say. If you get lost, go downhill. There is a river. Usually.


  • In the city, you can avoid scooters on foot, on city bikes and by public transport along the cultural landscape of the river Aura.


  • Nowhere else can you wait long enough for the city ferry Föri. Nowhere else can you simultaneously knock on the door of a medieval cathedral and admire the archbishop's residence from a distance. And nowhere else will you have the chance to get stuck in the Funicular.
In Turku, modesty doesn’t make you pretty.