Kristina Vahvaselkä, Executive Director

Kristina is a member of the Board of Directors of FINFRINGE ry. and the Executive Manager for the 2020 Festival. She is responsible for finance and administration and appoints the leaders of the various teams.

Sami Rannila, Artistic Director

Sami, Chairman of the Board for FINFRINGE ry, is responsible for the festival's artistic profile and programme planning.

Sauli Luttinen, AD, Brand Manager

Sauli, FINFRINGE ry. Vice Chairman of the Board, responsible for the visual appearance of the FINFRINGE festival

Antton Kainulainen, Production Manager

Antton, FINFRINGE ry. board member, manages the stage and technical staff

Tarja Suomi, Communications Manager

Tarja is responsible for the festival's communications.

finfringe_at_gmail dot com

Anniina Kuula, Marketing Manager

Anniina designs marketing and workwear, including the mascot design.

Lisa Forss, Administrative Coordinator

Lisa coordinates the administration and, with Kristina, is responsible for the smooth running of the administration.

Saara Suni, Volunteer Coordinator

Saara plans volunteering and recruits and trains volunteers.

Sanni-Leena Salonen, Artist Coordinator

Sanni-Leena is responsible for the performers, during, before and after the festival.

Jouni Kekkonen, responsible for the FFOFF programme

Jouni plans the off-programme and is responsible for the free shows.

The Advisory Group

Jukka Aaltonen

Janne Auvinen

Minna Haapasalo

Jussi Helminen

Fia Isaksson

Mikko Kouki

Kai Lehikoinen

Mervi Rankila-Källström

Sari Satama

Jussi Vahvaselkä

Arto Valkama