Bumbulum the Fool

Circus, Comedy, Clownery

Thu. 12.05


Hansakortteli - Hansatori

Fri. 13.05


Hansakortteli - Hansatori

Sat. 14.05


Hansakortteli - Hansatori

Duration: 30-45

Language: English

Suitability: -

Group: Bumbulum The Fool

Country: United Kingdom

Performers: Shamgar Amram

Team: Really Clever Studios

Description: Bumbulum The Fool is a brilliant professional physical comedian who brings his own unique brand of mayhem and physical comedy to the Finfringe festival; using subtlety, imagination & skill to create laugh out loud scenes that will appeal to guests of young & old alike & deliver playfulness & universally understood themes with physical comedy to audiences around the world. He has travelled the world having great fun playing for the public & sharing his pleasure with them; he's loved it and so have they!