Åbo Svenska Teater - Studio Stage



Åbo Svenska Teater - Studio Stage

Duration: 50 min

Language: non-verbal

Suitability: -

Group: SweetDreams Kollektiv

Country: Finland

Performers: Anna Jolma, Evgeny Kostyukov

With: Choreography: Marjan Raar Light design: Antton Kainulainen Music & Composition: Pauli Kari


A choreography on algorithms and artificial intelligence.

She is alone, ready to question life. He questions life. Are they real or not?

What happens when algorithms transform their bodies into self-learning machines? What happens when a virus is implanted in a weak link of their algorithm? Are they looping into eternity and finally crash?

Two dancers are trapped in a matrix created for them. There is no way in or out. The matrix lingers somewhere between real life and the big black universe. Reality begins to be unreal, algorithms are taking over, viruses are implanted, while the matrix's black and green colours hypnotize.

Dance artist Marjan Raar has researched algorithms and artificial intelligence and dived into the digital world of algorithms, flow charts, heuristics and viruses, and found a way to implement this material in dance whilst slightly being inspired by The Matrix.

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