HIKOILEVA MAAPALLO -Shockheaded Peter-ish anecdotes about our ecosystem




Puolala park



Puolala park

Duration: 35 min

Language: Finnish

Suitability: 3+

Group: Nukketeatteri Kuuma Ankanpoikanen

Country: Finland

Performers: Pia Kalenius, Merja Pöyhönen

With: Director & Screenplay: Anna-Kaisa Kuisma Dolls: Iisa Tähtinen Melodies: Laura Eriksson Content brainstorming: Susanna Auvinen Production Aid: Sanna Soni


The Sweating globe: Shockheaded Peter-ish anecdotes about our ecosystem

Puppet Theatre Dirty Duckling’s The sweating globe: Shockheaded Peter-ish anecdotes about our ecosystem is a comic book-like puppet theatre show.  

Come observe the unique methods of two researchers investigating signs of Shockheaded Peter-ish behaviour around us. The researches encounter odd creatures that may-perhaps-maybe-possibly have some connection with global warming.

Skilful puppeteers Pia Kalenius and Merja Pöyhönen plunge into an absurd story where important environmental issues lie under laughter and colourful friskiness. The mission of the show is to lighten the seriously heavy environmental issues; evoke questions and recognition around the themes discussed together later on. 

The performance is always outdoors, so come prepared for the weather. The audience is guided as a group to the performance location.                                      

Dirty Duckling is a curious, wild, bold and boundary-free professional puppetry group from Turku. The group is part of Aura of Puppets puppetry network in Finland.

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