H.C.-poeettinen kohtaaminen Englannissa




Åbo Svenska Teater - Studio Stage



Åbo Svenska Teater - Studio Stage

Duration: 70 min

Language: Finnish, English, Danish

Suitability: -

Group: H.C.-poeettinen kohtaaminen Englannissa

Country: Finland

Performers: Timo Väntsi, Raimo Karppinen, Kari Mäkiranta

With: Director and script: Marja Susi Music: Kari Mäkiranta Lighting design: Jarkko Forsman Costume: Mervi Kuittinen Dolls: Timo Väntsi


“Dear Hans Andersen! I hope my answer will make you immediately decide on your summer visit here.”

Summer 1857. Two world-renowned writers meet when British Duke Charles invites a long-awaited guest, the Danish poet H.C. Andersen, to his summer home. Each of the gentlemen are enjoying a productive time in the limelight of publicity, happily shining. Andersen has just published "Att vare eller ikke att vare" and is awaiting its reviews; Dickens is finishing his work "Little Dorrit".

The famouswriters greatly admire each other's work. Andersen encamps with his noisy imagination and the characters he creates in the Dickens house. He's hanging on to the Dickens family, which is falling apart. The intricate personalities and confused situations of both artists are laced up in an agonizing lengthy visit.

The puppetry play is based on correspondence between and contemporary descriptions of Andersen and Dickens. Live music, dolls and Andersen's distinctive paper-cut work take the viewer on a journey through the minds of the two writers.

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