Want to perform at FINFRINGE off-programme?
FFOFF, the FINFRINGE off-programme, is now looking for all kinds of performances. We want to see circus, dance, theatre, music, performance, puppetry, etc. You can apply with any sort of show.

This year's FINFRINGE festival will be held from Octoberber 13th to 16th 2021 in Åbo Svenska Theatre and in Hansa shopping center. 

We will assign potential venues and build a schedule for performers. We can also help with some simple arrangements, such as providing electricity, but performers are responsible for any other necessary technical matters.

FFOFF shows are free of charge to all viewers, but performers can always set their hat out! We offer lunch to all performers on show days, so there’s no fear of going hungry. We will present the FFOFF performances in our communications, but they will not be included in the main printed programme brochure.

Contact: off_at_finfringe dot fi



FINFRINGE is photographed and videotaped by the festival organizers. Images and videos may be used for future marketing of the festival, for marketing of events during the festival or for archiving purposes. Images are also provided for media use.

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