Organizing a festival has a direct impact on the environment. FINFRINGE ry. is committed to environmentally friendly practices.

# 1 Our Commitment

Each of us has a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of our planet and ourselves. The FINFRINGE Festival participates by committing to environmentally friendly practices in its event production.

FINFRINGE strives to use recycled products and local know-how.

Fringe performances themselves are eco-deeds in terms of both their themes and their light infrastructure, which can also be plentiful.

We consider sustainability in our marketing materials, office work and vehicle use. In 2021, most of the goods will be transported by muscle power.

We encourage festival artists and the public to commit to our Environmental Responsibility 2021 programme.

# 2 Recycling

All our waste is sorted. Prior to the festival, we provide our foreign performers with an information package on waste management in Finland. For example, recycling of plastic and glass bottles is a common practice in our country, but in many countries, this is a foreign system.

We aim to use recycled, biodegradable materials. We consider longevity and reuse in our procurement.

The workwear of the Hi team, the volunteers and the staff, is also made of recycled material.

# 3 The quest for a paperless festival

FINFRINGE markets primarily through digital means. For example, the festival programme and schedule can be easily found on our website.

The sale of e-tickets also reduces the amount of printed material. We are partnered with the local Eventio Oy.


Photo: Visit Turku/ Seilo Ristimäki_Iloinen liftari Oy