Mind Reader Nordstrandamus

Theater, Mind Reader

Fri. 13.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Cafe Tiljan

Sat. 14.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Cafe Tiljan

Duration: 60 min

Language: Swedish

Suitability: -

Group: Odramatiska

Country: Sweden

Performers: Peter Nordstrand

Team: Peter Nordstrand (Script), Mark Elsdon (Magic and story consultant), Theodor Nordstrand (Director's assistant)

Description: Swedish champion in mental magic 2022.

Mind reading, intuition and astonishing coincidences: Nordstrandamus creates a rambunctious cavalcade of inexplicable events. All this happens with a humorous twinkle in the corner of the eye.

The entire audience is engaged in a playful display of collective consciousness. The performance is an interactive experience from start to finish, with the audience as heroes and co-creators of the magic. Expect to have fun and be entertained in a different kind of way!