Wed. 08.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Café Tiljan

Thu. 09.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Café Tiljan

Fri. 10.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Café Tiljan

Sat. 11.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Café Tiljan

Duration: Wednesday and Friday from 18-24, Thursday and Saturday from 16-24

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Description: CAFÉ TILJAN FESTIVAL CLUB at Åbo Svenska Teater is open every day. Enjoy entertainment and refreshments before, between and after the performances!

Åbo Svenska Teater opens its doors to a unique opportunity to visit the oldest theater building in Finland! The official Finfringe festival club is the place where the audience, artists and the team meet. Free entry.

WED at 20.15-22.00 J-P Salo
THU at 20.15-21 Rinkeli Improvisaatioryhmä
THU at 21-22 Oskari Vahvaselkä Trio
FRI at 18.30-19.15 Oskari Vahvaselkä Trio
FRI at 19.15-20.00 Rinkeli Improvisaatioryhmä
SAT at 18.30-19/20-20.30 Oskari Vahvaselkä Trio
SAT at 21.30 Saukki & The Sharks with the Very Best Of The Greatest Hits

J-P Salo opens the official Finfringe Club starting at 20:15! J-P is a musician with a long background and is also known as a voice over artist. He performs acoustically with pop and rock classics and also with some more rare gems beginning from the 50’s. This is a pre-Helatorstai show you shouldn’t pass by!

Improvisation group Rinkeli is a in 2022 formed bunch of funny people specialized in absurd humor. They have brought the most comical situations and intriguing scenes to stages since. The show is made to be a unique experience together with the audience, and it will not leave you cold! Rinkeli is able to surprise both the audience and the performers themselves. You can (and must!) meet this group on Thu at 20:15 and on Fri 19:15.

Oskari Vahvaselkä Trio is here to bring us a warm and relaxing atmosphere. With their jazz songs this instrumental ensemble guarantees that our festival guests can focus on the essential - to enjoy the night! The Trio entertains on Thu at 21:00, on Fri 18:30 and on Sat 18:30 and 20:00.

As a Fringe Festival tradition, join us at the Awards Gala right after the last performance on Sat at 21:15. Afterwards the stage will be conquered by our perhaps already familiar happy faces - Saukki & The Sharks with the Very Best Of The Greatest Hits!