Nick Jameson: A Crowd of One

Music, Comedy

Fri. 13.05


Linnateatteri - Main stage

Sat. 14.05


Linnateatteri - Main stage

Duration: 60 min

Language: English

Suitability: 16+

Group: Nick Jameson

Country: Iceland

Performers: Nick Jameson

Team: -

Description: He's been pernicious as the Russian President in 24, cacophonous with Foghat, and murderous at The Comedy Store. Now Nick Jameson is bringing together standup-comedy, musical comedy, improv comedy and acting in A Crowd of One, a show that poses the question ‘Will the real Nick Jamesons please stand up?’

‘Nick is so good at so many things it’s a wonder I don’t hate him’ (Mike Reiss, executive producer of The Simpsons). ‘The real deal, off-the-charts funny’ (Carlton Cuse, executive producer of Lost).