Tatu Kalliomäki


Wed. 11.05


Hansakortteli - Hansatori

Duration: 10 min

Language: -

Suitability: -

Group: Tatu Kalliomäki

Country: Finland

Performers: Tatu Kalliomäki

Team: -

Description: CANCELLED
Tatu’s performance is a mind-blowing action show in which she skillfully deals with nunchucks in true Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu movies fashion. Tatu is one of the best nunchaku handlers in the world and is the reigning European Champion in the field. In addition to his state-of-the-art skills, Tatu is a very charismatic showman. He’s a fun and approachable performer with unparalleled stage performance. Tatu's performance is a wildly entertaining package of activities that you with certainty won’t see anywhere else.