The Human Plant Pot


Wed. 11.05


Hansakortteli - Hansatori

Thu. 12.05


Hansakortteli - Hansatori

Duration: 5-20

Language: English

Suitability: -

Group: Harri Piispanen

Country: Finland

Performers: Harri Piispanen

Team: Annina Holappa (Photos)

Description: The performance is in front of the Akateeminen book store in Hansakortteli on WED and THU from 15 to 18. Book your time by pressing the BUY TICKETS -button.

The Human Plant Pot is a wearable art work and a performance. It is a small-scale allotment garden, an environmental white tie or a coat of armour. One who wears it literally chooses to be planted in the same soil with the plants it carries. The human Plant Pot is basically a waiter, a salad buffet and your date all in one. The performance forms into an absurd dinner - suddenly the participant finds themself sitting opposite to a salad bush that they chose their meal from just a moment ago.