Madame Brigitte

Physical theatre

Thu. 11.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Studio stage

Fri. 12.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Studio stage

Duration: 60 min

Language: -

Suitability: 10+

Group: Teatteri Metamorfoosi- Kellerteater

Country: Finland/Estonia

Performers: Sandra LANGE

Team: Soile Mäkelä (FIN) (Director), Minka Laukniemi (FIN) (Assistant director), Mäkelä, Lange, Laukniemi (Dramaturgy), Siim Aimla (EST) (Music), Sandra Lange (Masks, costumes and scenography), Rene Topolev (EST) (Light design)

Description: Madame Brigitte might not be in her first youth anymore but her heart surely is. Afraid of her own naive illusions about love, she prefers to follow the love-life of her neighbours and amuses herself with the lonely heart advertisements. The second chair at her table remains empty.
Denying the spikes in her heart, she continues…

If we were given a second chance, would we change? Would we become wild and brave and go after what we really yearn for?
Let Madame Brigitte inspire you!