The Show

Physical theatre

Wed. 10.05


Turku City Theatre - Sopukka stage

Thu. 11.05


Turku City Theatre - Sopukka stage

Duration: 50 min

Language: -

Suitability: -

Group: Hurja Tuotanto

Country: Finland

Performers: Mika Juusela, Antti Kemppainen

Team: Harry Begman (Director)

Description: The Show fills the stage to the brim with physical comedy. The performance uses the aesthetics of silent films and slapstick with a modern, absurd twist. Using only their bodies, two masks and a handful of props, the performers conjure up an avalanche of surprising situations and events on stage.

The performance, directed by Harry Bergman, is performed in accordance with its precedents without speaking. You will definitely be in for an exceptional and surprising theater experience, that takes the audience into the world of tricks. The long-term cooperation of the physically skilled actors can be seen on stage in a careful and controlled performance, surprising the audience with the most remarkable gags and slapstick and honoring the legacy left by the most significant comedians of the 20th century.


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