Circus, Puppetry

Thu. 11.05


Turku City Theatre - Sopukka stage

Fri. 12.05


Turku City Theatre - Sopukka stage

Duration: 50 min

Language: Finnish

Suitability: -

Group: Kosmos Collective

Country: Finland

Performers: Miikka Vähäsarja, Heidi Hämäläinen, Leea Finne, Pyry Joki, Susanna Heinonen

Team: Tuomas Vainionpää (Director/script/Light design), Jan Lamberg (Sound design), Samppa Heikkinen (Choreography), Tekla Knuutila (Puppetry buildning), Iiris Suvitie (Puppetry buildning), Mathias Sihvola (Photos)

Description: First there was nothing. Then something happened. The COSMOS was born. But what was the purpose of COSMOS' existence? And so COSMOS created TIME. But sooner or later TIME will destroy the COSMOS. How to win time and survive?

An offspring, life, was born. A HUMAN was born.

And there came a time when the HUMAN wanted to find their origin and meet their creator.

It's time to start the countdown.

Welcome to a cosmic journey from the beginning of time to the destruction of the universe - and rebirth.

Combining contemporary puppet theater and circus, Ouroboros is a circular work drawing from science fiction and creation myths about time, space, birth, death and the delusion of omnipotence. The poetic space adventure includes, among other things, satellite gods speaking in Morse code, a trip through the universe on a cyr ring, and ethereal soundscapes from the vacation of star nebulae and black holes.