Ice Age


Thu. 11.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Main stage

Fri. 12.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Main stage

Duration: 45 min

Language: Taiwanese mandarin, French

Suitability: -

Group: Resident Island Dance Theatre x Maylis ARRABIT

Country: Taiwan

Performers: Yi Chen JUAN, Maylis ARRABIT, Yun Shih FANG, Yu Cheng CHENG

Team: Chung-An CHANG (Artistic Director/Choreographer), Maylis ARRABIT (Co-Choreographer), Morag DEYES (Artistic Mentoring), Thomas William Hill (Music composer), Jih Wen YEH/Step Out Arts (International Development Producer (2019-June 2021)), Sasa, Shu Lin HSIAO (Company/Touring Manager), Hsin-Ying TSAI (Lighting Designer/Stage manager), Li Yu WANG (Costume Designer), Jiong Zhe HUANG (Photographer & Graphic Designer), Yu Hen CHENG (Audio Describtion)

Description: Ice Age is a new international inclusive choreographic collaboration between visually impaired choreographer CHANG Chung-an and disabled choreographer Maylis ARRABIT. The piece explores the different ways that people support each other under the pandemic, each in their own cultural environments. It is a question of evoking the coexistence between two parallel realities, separated by "space-time" and at the same time, united by it. Then, an action, a gesture and contemplation are very meaningful.