Sense Of Hope


Sat. 13.05


Åbo Svenska Teater - Main stage

Duration: 20 min + meet the artists

Language: English

Suitability: -

Group: Carl Knif Company / DuvTeatern

Country: Finland

Performers: Emil Nordman, Eero Vesterinen

Team: Carl Knif & Emil Nordman (Choreography), Emil Nordman (Text), Janne Hast (Sound design), Joonas Tikkanen (Scenography & Lighting Design), Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila (Costume design), Maria Karhu (Hair and makeup design), Jonatan Sundström (Video), Yoshi Omori (Photos), Nina Ukkonen (Manufacturing of costumes), Anttoni Halonen (Technician), Carl Knif Company & DuvTeatern (Production)

Description: Sense of Hope is a duet created by choreographer Carl Knif in collaboration with Emil Nordman and Eero Vesterinen. This autobiographical work is based on Emil’s own experiences of loneliness and exclusion. Despite the dark theme, however, the performance wants to evoke light and warmth through text and dance. Can we be reconciled with our pasts? How might we find our way back to the light? These are the questions posed by the performance.

The show has also been supported by Elfvings stiftelse


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