Stand up

Fri. 12.05


Linnateatteri - Tampuuri

Sat. 13.05


Linnateatteri - Main stage

Duration: 50 min

Language: English

Suitability: 16+

Group: James Lorien MacDonald

Country: Finland/Canada

Performers: James Lorien MacDonald

Team: -

Description: Jamie MacDonald, once described as the daddy of queer Finnish stand-up, now lives up to that name in more ways than one, with a son of his own. But what's fatherhood when you're trans, and your partner is trans, and there's a whole world out there that "only wants to ask questions? Cuck is also a broken and strange stand-up piece exploring mockery and liberation, cucks and kings, the woke and the broke, and why we continue to torture ourselves with social media. Our anxieties, humiliation, and pain are on display for free - or are those just consumable versions of our feelings? Yes, you may even watch this show if you are cis.

""MacDonald hides big concepts and twists underneath the lightness, such as our ideas of the goodness of nature, and the way we take cis and hetero to be the natural states."" - Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat ★★★★"

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