Jökull Ernir


Thu. 09.05


Kirkkopuiston Terassi

Duration: -

Language: English

Suitability: -

Group: Jökull Ernir

Country: Iceland

Performers: Jökull Ernir

Team: -

Description: Join Jökull Ernir, the multifaceted singer/songwriter hailing from the vibrant cultural landscape of Reykjavík, Iceland, for a soul-touching solo acoustic set at Cathedral Park Terrace during the esteemed Finfringe festival.

Known for his evocative lead roles in both The Evening Guests and The Gender Benders, Jökull brings to the stage a rich tapestry of musical narratives woven from his diverse experiences in the world of music.

As the poignant voice behind The Evening Guests, Jökull has captured hearts with his introspective lyrics and haunting melodies that explore the depths of loss, love, and the quest for belonging. His songs, characterized by their moody, melodic folk essence, invite listeners into a realm where raw emotions and reflective storytelling collide.

Simultaneously, Jökull's alter ego, Dee Dee Strummer, epitomizes the boldness and flamboyance of The Gender Benders. This drag punk ensemble, celebrated for its theatricality and energetic performances, showcases another facet of Jökull's musicality. The synergy of these contrasting identities promises an unforgettable performance at Kirkkopuisto park.

For this special set, Jökull will delve into his extensive repertoire, performing a mixture of original compositions that have defined his career with The Evening Guests and The Gender Benders, alongside carefully selected cover songs that have shaped his musical journey. Each piece, whether a deeply personal creation or a tribute to his influences, will be presented with the signature moody, melancholic yet humor-infused style that fans have come to adore.