FINFRINGE welcomes volunteers to the HAI Team! Performing arts festival FINFRINGE is looking for volunteers for a variety of jobs before and during the event May 11-14, 2022. Sign up, tell us about yourself, your interests and your schedule.

Possible tasks include:

Promotion Shark

• involved in promoting the festival at various events during the fall

• distributing brochures and telling about the festival and its performances

Guide Shark

• checking the admission tickets to the shows

• guiding the audience

• helping in the cloakroom

Technical Shark

• involved in technical stage assignments

Ticket Shark

• selling tickets for shows at the FINFRINGE box office

Artist Host

• working under the artist coordinator

• tending to the artists

Artist Hub Shark

- in charge of the artist hub

Bike Shark

• transporting goods and people during the festival with an electric load bicycle, along with other potential tasks


We will arrange one day-time or evening training for each job in an evening in May 2022. In addition, all volunteers working at a venue are required to undergo safety training at a date prior to the festival.


We offer:

• access to performances outside of your shift

• free lunch on the festival days

• FINFRINGE work uniform

• access to the FINFRINGE AWARDS party

• international festival experience and contacts

• certificate of work, if desired


Questions and inquiries: Tove, toimisto_at_finfringe dot fi

On what days do you think will you be able to participate? *