Thin would be Finland without Turku.

Stodgy would be a city without free-range culture.

Stale would be life without hustle, bustle and hype.

The first Fringe event was held in Edinburgh 72 years ago to provide a break from the hecticness of the times, and a chance to get busy with art.

The Turku Market Square has been made a pit, and a tall fence rises around it. But on this side of the fence, there is theatre, as has been the custom for centuries. Crossing the fences, Kalevala is performed in Swedish, Hamlet on the other side of the river.

The second edition of FINFRINGE is coming in May, bringing performing arts for all. You'll find everything you didn't know you were looking for. And even if you do know, you will still taste something juicy.

Written by: Kaarina Karjula

Photo:  City of Turku, Joonas Mäkivirta