1 network / 7 countries / 10 unique festivals

The Nordic Fringe Network (NFN) is a collaboration of several Fringe festivals in the Nordic countries. The network includes Fringe festivals in Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

The network offers artists the chance to tour their shows between the Nordic countries, through one joint open call. It also offers Fringe organizers a chance to exchange ideas and learn from one another through regular meet-ups.

Nordic Fringe organizers try their best to attend each other’s festivals, and act as jury members during their stay. This also means that artists get a great opportunity to network with foreign festival organizers and industry professionals at each festival.

NFN also serves as a support system for other organizations wanting to establish Fringe festivals in their regions.

Working together creates a stronger and bigger Fringe movement in the Nordic region. The festivals aim to elevate the local through the global to offer audiences unique experiences outside the traditional, to push boundaries and promote artistic innovation bravery.


Nordic Fringe Festivals in 2021


1.  CPH STAGE, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 27-June 5 (


2.  Reykjavik Fringe, Iceland, July 3-11 (


3. Oslo Fringe Festival, Norway, August 25-29 (

4. Tallin Fringe Festival, Estonia, August-September 18.8. - 19.9. (


5.  Lahti Fringe Festival, Finland, September 1-4 (

6.  NO Bergen Fringe Festival, Norway, September 2-5 (

7.  Gothenburg Fringe Festival, Sweden, September 8-13 (

8.  Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF), Sweden, September 14-18 (    


9. FINFRINGE Turku, Finland, October 13-16 (


10.  Zagare Fringe, Lithuania, RETURNS 2022 (



The pilot episode of the Nordic Fringe Season was held at Brighton Fringe Festival 2019. 12 Acts of the best fringe acts from across the Nordics showcased their work at iconic Brighton venue The Old Market.

The project was curated by the Finnish Institute in London and the Nordic Fringe Network, with support from the Nordics and all the Nordic Embassies in London.